Work Of filekumar.com 

Our goal with Filefilekumar.com is to provide you with the simplest method of downloading the latest versionsof the best software – without general excessive popup or spyware

       This website top 10 Features 
  1. Only the best software, we focus on quality not quantity.
  2. Very fast servers with 100Mb connections, to make your downloads as fast as possible.
  3. We keep the old versions of programs, so if you update and don’t like the new version, you can always return to the old one.
  4. All software is 100% spyware and virus free.
  5. Filtering feature to allow you to only show Freeware and/or Non-beta software.
  6. Full support for resuming downloads and download managers.
  7. Change log and technical details for downloads.
  8. RSS feeds for all updates, categories and for individual programs.
  9. New European and US download servers.
  10. Optimized pages for faster browsing.